Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014

Congratulations on your back squat PRs today! There’s nothing like giving yourself the gift of strength by increasing your totals in major lifts. Way to end the year with a bang. One more day of testing to go! Make sure you get your new press logged this Wednesday.

PR highlights of today’s back squat sessions included (to the best of our recollection): Ron’s PR – 405; Brent tied PR at 365; Cody hit a PR at 365; Ashylnn hit 210 – a PR with her first time testing squats; Keely nailed 175 PR (and she’s hapai!); Kaika did 385 – a 30lb increase; Daniel hit 285 (80lb increase); Michelle hit 205; Andrea hit 245; Libby hit 165; Tom hit 230; and many others. If we didn’t mention you, we apologize – this is a late post and it was a long day. We got a kick out of the movie app that managed to cut off many of your squats. Unracking and reracking is, well, not as exciting. If anyone wants his/her video, let us know. We have most of them on the iPad.

121614 WOD

A. 5:00 with up to five teams

Rower – max effort for distance

Others – side plank

If side plank (right or left) drops, rower must stop. Team with the farthest distance will not have to do 10 muffin tops.

B. Turkish get-ups

Take 15 minutes to work up to your best set of three on the left and on the right sides.

C. EMOM 18:00

Minute 1: 100-meter run + 4/3 strict pull-ups (4 for men and 3 for women)

Minute 2: 10 box jump-overs (24/20)

Minute 3: 15 Russian kettlebell swings (70/53)

>> On-Ramp

EMOM 18:00

Minute 1: 100-meter run + 4/3 deep ring rows

Minute 2: 10 box jumps / step-ups

Minute 3: 15 Russian kettlebell swings