Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015

IMG_4274It was great having Jon and Jess North lift with us on Wednesday night. Also, shout out to Jon’s cousin Sammy. Jon snatched 165 kilos (363 pounds)! Congrats to all those that PR’d last night! Let’s carry this momentum into the New Year!

One 8:30 am class today for New Years Eve

123115 WOD

A. Warm up and mobility

B. Movement prep

C. 20:15 AMRAP

15 wall balls (20/14)

Run 200 meters

15 ball slams (30/20)

Run 200 meters

15 American kettlebell swings (53/35)

Run 200 meters

15 ring dips

Run 200 meters

15 box jumps (30/24)

Run 200 meters

15 toes to bar

Run 200 meters

*Score will be total number of reps completed in 20:15


Modifications will be posted on the white board