On April 15, we, along with CrossFitters around Maui, will remember Trucker Dukes, a 3-year-old honorary firefighter from Haiku who lost his battle with cancer in March. All CrossFits are invited to do the inaugural three-person team workout (In 20:17 – 45 synchronized burpees; then AMRAP by rotation: 4 ring MU (4 pull-ups + 4 dips), 10 air squats, 13 sit-ups with one person working, one resting and one planking). It will be held for free at CF Upcountry, the Dukes’ home box, in heats from 8-11 am April 15, the week of Truckers birthday. Donations to are being accepted and Team Trucker apparel will be sold for 100% profit donation. To register, please send team name, team members, and specify whether RX or modified, to by 9 pm April 12. Heats will be sent out via email by Friday morning, April 14. This event will be capped at 75 teams. We look forward to connecting with you!