Thursday, July 20, 2017

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Piper who’s visiting from Ohio. Hope to see you again next year! In this photo, try to find A) Camille and B) Trish. You have 10 seconds . . . 

072017 WOD

A. Three rounds:

100-meter waiter’s carry (switch arms at 50 meter)

Rest 1:00 between sets

B.  Every 5:00 for 6 sets (30:00)

Odd sets: Run 400 meters + 30 Russian twists with kettlebell

Even sets: Row 500 meters + 10 strict handstand push-ups

C. Mobility



Congratulations to everyone who PRd their power clean on Wednesday. We had lots of people hit new numbers in each class. We loved Ryan’s energy at 5:30 p.m. Way to get after it, fit friends!