CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity. CrossFit is a clinically tested and community developed strength-and-conditioning program.

Our workouts are never boring. We mix gymnastics (body control), weightlifting (control of external objects) and cardiovascular training with each WOD (workout of the day). WODs are scaled by load and intensity — but not by kind.

Try us out first:

Curious about CrossFit? Jump in to a regularly scheduled class for free! Email, call or text to confirm your first free class (Upcountry residents only), which will be modified for a beginner. Meet with a coach, check out the facility and talk with other members. Check the schedule tab for class times.

Signing up:

New members may join group classes with a commitment to Basics and the first month of classes. Basics, a two-hour private training session that covers CrossFit movement standards and technique, is held the first Saturday of each month. Sign up for your first month, plus Basics, and you’re ready to go!