COVID-19 safety measures at CrossFit Upcountry

COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURES: We’re confident our new safety measures, along with our unique open-air indoor and outdoor training areas, will meet and exceed county guidelines for reopening.

• Social distancing: We did a test workout Saturday and we have marked out (10) indoor boxes and (4) outdoor boxes at 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 feet of social distancing with 2 feet of distance between — for a total of 12-14 athletes per

CrossFit group class. The county’s health emergency rules calls for 6’ feet of social distancing, which we have exceeded by nearly double, to ensure safety. Also, the 15 minutes between classes will ensure little overlap and will mitigate the risk of crowding.

  • Sanitization: Equipment will not be shared during class, and athletes will clean their designated squares during the last 5 to 10 minutes of class. We have industry-grade solutions with new spray applicators to clean during 15 minutes between classes and/or at the end of each day, depending on the workout. We are hiring two to four cleaners to clean four times per week.
  • Screening: NO ONE — NOT COACH, OWNER OR ATHLETE — WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER OUR FACILITY WHEN SICK. This is one of the most significant new rules and we will mandate that everyone signs off on this. We will also be monitoring for travel and for people whose jobs place them at higher-risk of exposure.
  • Other measures: Also, we have a new touchless paper towel station, a touchless soap station and we are installing a pedal-start sink soon. We will have hand sanitizing solutions around the gym. Please be prepared to bring your own water, chalk and towel for your station.
  • Guests: Because we value your safety and our existing members, for the month of June and July, we will NOT ALLOW: Drop-in visitors. We want to make sure our existing members have safe spaces and the class time he/she is looking for. We will reassess this soon and make announcements soon.
  • Mandatory class check ins: This will provide contact tracing measures. It is mandatory you check in to class. Reservations are optional, but we highly suggest you reserve for the busy 4:30 p.m. class and the 8:15 a.m. Saturday class, as both have been maxing out.