Thursday, July 2, 2015

IMG_0716We love Chris L.! This guy trains hard and always gives his all. Thanks for being such a great example, Chris!

070215 WOD

A. 4:00 Tabata

Alternating double-unders

Arch to hollow (kip) off bar or rings

B. 20:00 AMRAP in teams of two or three:

Partner 1) Row 350 meters or run 300 meters

Partner 2) AMRAP

5 handstand push-ups

20 double-unders

50-feet of walking lunges with plate overhead (45/25)

Partner 3) Plank any style

Switching when row is finished; record cumulative rounds and reps from all teammates. If only two partners, remove the plank.

>> On-Ramp

15:00 AMRAP in teams of two:

Partner 1) Row 250 meters or run 200 meters

Partner 2) AMRAP

10 dumbbell presses or pike off box HSPU

40 single-unders

50-feet of unweighted walking lunges

Switching when row finishes; record total rounds.

C. Mobility

1. Lat smash with foam roller (2:00/side)

2. Adductor smash with barbell (2:00/side)



IMG_3032Best. Poster. Ever. Thank you, Libby!

Malomerica is only two days away. Here are the FINAL DETAILS:

– Workout has been moved to the gym due to popular demand; it’s our attempt to cater to all of  your crazy weekend plans. WE WILL HAVE REGULAR GROUP CLASS AT 8 A.M. AT THE BOX. Open gym will be closed. Beach WOD has been scratched. Instead, class is at 8 a.m. Saturday at the box.

– Show up at 10 a.m. at Chris and Libby’s house for the best pool party, and the first pool party, CrossFit Upcountry has ever seen. Malo approves of this message. And so does Kahone, who will be manning the bar.

– If you are coming to the pool party, please bring meat to grill if you are a guy; girls can bring sides; everyone must BYOB.

– Text Kehau at 808 281 6925 to receive directions to Chris and Libby’s, which is in North Kihei.



07 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

IMG_0686Two families from CrossFit AMRAP in Chicago took Coach John’s advice and drove from Kihei to visit us yesterday. We loved having you! By the way: Coach John is all the rage. We are really thankful for each of our coaches!

070115 WOD

A. EMOM 8:00

Even minutes: 150-meter row or 100-meter run

Odd minutes: 0:30 handstand hold / pike off box / overhead hold

B. Press – 5/3/1 month 3 | week 1

Add 5# to 1RM to find new WW (90% of 1RM), then calculate:

65% x 5

75% x 5

85% x 5+

Subset with 3 x ME strict pull-ups

C. For total time:


American kettlebell swings (70/53)


Rest 2:00


Power cleans (135/95)

Burpees over the barbell

>> On-Ramp

For total time:


Russian KB swings


Rest 2:00


Hang power cleans

Modified burpees




Instead of a beach WOD at Launiupoko in Lahaina, we are moving to the south side for a beach WOD then pool BBQ at Libby’s house in North Kihei. Malo, Libby’s dog, approves of pool parties. He’s planning Saturday’s events; more details will be posted later today.

WHAT: Fourth of July beach WOD / pool BBQ

WHEN: 9 a.m. beach WOD at Sugar Beach in Kihei; 10 a.m. pool party / BBQ at Libby’s house in N. Kihei (text Kehau for directions)

WHERE: South Maui

BRING: Men bring meat to grill; women bring sides; all – BYOB

GYM SCHEDULE: All classes will be closed due to beach workout in South Maui



06 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

photo(956)Monday’s workout was no joke! Way to start the week strong! Now keep moving. Active recovery is the key.

063015 WOD

A. Four sets of:

20 double-unders / 20 DU attempts

20 hollow rocks

0:20 chin-up hold

0:30 rest

B. Power clean

Take 10 minutes to build to a 2-rep max touch-and-go power clean for the day

C. EMOM 18:00

Minute 1: 50-meter farmers carry (70/53)

Minute 2: 12 box jump-overs (24/20)

Minute 3: 2 toes-to-rings + 2 MU + 2 ring dips (sub: 10 toes to ring or bar + 5 dips)

>> On-Ramp

EMOM 18:00

Minute 1: 50-meter farmers carry AHAP

Minute 2: 12 step-ups

Minute 3: 15 leg raises + 5 dips




We will hold a beach WOD at 9 a.m. on the left side (when facing) Launiupoko Beach in Lahaina. Men bring meat to grill and women bring sides. Everyone BYOB. Kahone’s in charge so you know it’s going to be lots of fun! Group class and open gym at the box will be closed Saturday. Have a happy and healthy holiday weekend!




06 2015