Monday, August 31, 2015

photo 1 Saturday jumping photo. This will never get old.

083115 WOD

A. In 6:00 with teams of two:

Partner 1) Run 100 meters with med ball

Partner 2) Russian twists with med ball

Both: 5 synchronized toes to bar


B. Pause front squats

Six sets of pause front squat @ 32×1 + 1 front squat

Build over the course of six sets to heaviest possible

Rest 2:00

C. “Mini Chief”

3:00 AMRAP

3 power cleans (135/95)

6 push-ups

9 air squats

Three rounds, resting 1:00 between each. Pick up subsequent rounds where you leave off. Record total rounds and reps.

>> On-Ramp

3:00 AMRAP

3 hang power cleans

6 modified push-ups

9 air squats

Three rounds, resting 1:00 between each.




photo 4

photo 3


Elena dropped jaws at her first bodybuilding competition. She was the most muscular and defined in the swimsuit category (in our opinion), which means she should’ve entered the fitness competition, we learned on Saturday. The bodybuilding competition was a first for us; the rules and divisions were really interesting to see and it was fun to hang out with our friends (special thanks to Jimmy of Aloha CrossFit for watching with us). Truly, having the guts and the lean muscle to get on that stage is an accomplishment in itself. We couldn’t be more proud of Elena’s performance Saturday, but more importantly, of all the days of discipline that lead up to the event. Thanks for inspiring us all! We love you, Elena! When’s the next one ;)?



08 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015


>> the real superhero.

As long as I’ve known Elena, she has always loved superheroes, specifically Spider-Man. This goes as far back as third grade. Toys. Shirts. Shoes. Hats. Posters. There’s Spidey stuff wherever she goes. Flash forward nearly 25 years, and the guy is still hanging out with us. He’s our third wheel.

I’ve come to accept Spider-Man as part of my friendship with Elena. But what I didn’t realize until recently is how much he’s taken the credit for her heroism.

She’s grown up with tons of hardship, overcome the odds, is the oldest of three sisters and continues to love and uplift her family. Her Spidey web of caring for others, often over the needs of herself, holds many things together.

In recent years, Elena hit a hard spot. She’s always been fit and lean. But as we know, when the villains get the best of us, it’s easy to cope with unhealthy things.

Getting unstuck for her was doing CrossFit, losing weight, then eventually adding bodybuilding, where she cut out all alcohol and implemented an extremely strict diet and workout regiment. She defeated any henchman and evil powers that once made her want to do bad things — and she made them work for good.

Passion. Drive. Commitment. Discipline. Excellence. These became her new sidekicks.

Today, Elena (and Spider-Man, because she has a tattoo that alludes to the cartoon character) will get on-stage and compete in her first bodybuilding competition at 6 p.m. at the Westin Maui. While most are there for different goals, she is there as a symbol, at least to me, of true strength that fights through struggles. Leading up to this, she’s sought, and found, what real health means.

I’m not sure if she realizes that she’s the real superhero — and Spidey has just been a cover (because when you’re a human hero, you have to walk around in public unnoticed and undetected). Elena is an example for all of us to use our evil powers for good; and to fight with everything we’ve got to take down the villains in our life.

We are so proud of you, Elena/Spider-Man! You are already our heroine! (Today is just a day where you can walk around in heels, makeup and a bikini, which I know you love).

Please join us at the event to cheer along our CrossFit friend. She represents CrossFit Upcountry and all the other CrossFit gyms/friends who have helped her along the way.

082915 WOD

A. AMRAP 6:00 with teams up to six

Rower: ME for distance

Others: Plank hold

Switching at minute mark

B. Mobility

C. For time:

300-meter run

30 Russian kettlebell swings (53/35)

300-meter run

30 toes-to-bar

300-meter run

30 lunge steps with plate overhead (45/25)

300-meter run

30 burpees

>> On-Ramp

Cut reps and run in half




08 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

IMG_1080Mobility hurts so good

082815 WOD

A. 9:00 EMOM

Min 1: 0:30 hollow hold

Min 2: 0:30 arch hold

Min 3: 0:30 double unders

B. Take 15:00 to find a heavy deadlift of 3-5 reps

Take 2:00 rest between sets; use this time to do cobras

C. For time:

400-meter run


Power clean (155/105)

Box jumps (24/20)


400-meter run


For time:

300-meter run


Hang power clean with dumbells

Step-ups or box jumps

Dumbell shoulder press

Run 300-meters



08 2015