Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014

photo 3Melissa puts her climbing skills to good use: This feat helped secure the fan-favorite Spirit Award win for the Mutha Cluckers. I wish you could’ve seen the crowd go nuts. This moment was chicken skin.

photo 5Mutha Cluckers: First place in female masters division; third place overall for all-female teams; plus a second medal for the Spirit Award.

photo 1This chicken head charged all the way to Hana — and back. We noticed it in the parking lot Monday at 9 a.m.’s class.

photo 4The beautiful ladies of CFUM’s Mutha Cluckers.

photo 2The mother hen who handles it all — from costumes, to planning, to runners and more. You are one amazing chick, Sheila, and we don’t know what we would do without you.

>> inspiring, original cfum chicks.

This Hana Relay post is dedicated to the chicks who started it all. Yes, the Mutha Cluckers came home with their second master’s female team win in three years, along with a coveted Spirit Award prize. But beyond that, many might not know how far their roots go.

These ladies were at the start of different phases of CrossFit Upcountry.

In the beginning, there was Sheila, Andrea and I, doing circuit training movements that Coach Kaye said was this new thing called CrossFit. Soon, we started doing track workouts, and along came Lisa. Flash forward a couple years, and Christy and Melissa joined CFUM. Then Leah was our beloved first new member as official CFUM owners in April 2012. All six of these ladies have a special place in our hearts — not just for their dedication over the years, but for the caliber of their character and for their inner and outer beauty and strength.

When Frank and I took the reins of CFUM, I remember being in awe of these women. They were (and remain) my inspiration — my reason to coach and to train at the best of my ability. I was always chasing them on workouts — literally, since they’re so dang fast — and it forged a deep appreciation for how much they were able to achieve on a daily basis. In their training. Their families. Their work. Their lives.

The 2014 women’s team members represent some of our CFUM masters — the teachers who show us that nothing is impossible, and that true beauty is refined through the trials of hardship, yielding humility and grace.

So, thank you, Andrea, Sheila, Lisa, Leah, Melissa and Christy — you’ve set a strong and steady pace for our community, and you continue to amaze us with all that you do.

Here’s to another great year in the bok boks — I mean, books! Go Mutha Cluckers!

091614 WOD

A. 5:00 with teams of two:

1) 100-meter farmers carry AHAP + 25 double-unders

2) Plank hold any style


B. EMOM 10:00

1 x tall snatch

1 x drop snatch

1 x snatch balance

C. AMRAP 5:00

50-meter run

5 strict pull-ups

10 Russian kettlebell swings (53/35)

15 consecutive double-unders *

Rest 2:30

AMRAP 5:00

50-meter run

5 knees-to-elbows

10 pistols (5/side)

15 consecutive double-unders *

* Every time you miss, do one burpee

>> On-Ramp

AMRAP 5:00

50-meter run

5 ring rows

10 Russian kettlebell swings

30 single-unders

Rest 2:30

AMRAP 5:00

50-meter run

5 tucks

10 air squats

30 single-unders




09 2014

Monday, Sept. 15, 2014

photo 2

photo 1


photo 3

>> we heart hana relay.

The 2014 races were good to us. We came home with a first-place medal for our masters women’s team (they also climbed to the top spot — literally — for fan favorite “Spirit Award”)  and a third place score for the men’s team. Our noncompetitive women’s open team did amazingly as well. A billion photos (and a more detailed review) will be posted in coming days — so if you don’t love the Hana Relay, you may want to learn to like it now. Great job, CrossFit Upcountry! We love you the most!

091514 WOD

A. Warmup

500-meter row NFT

B. Front squat – TESTING

Suggested warmup loads will be posted on whiteboard.

C. 12:00 EMOM – NFS

Minute 1: 100-meter run

Minute 2: 10 box jump-overs (24/20)

Minute 3: 15 wall balls (20/14) to 10′



09 2014


308093_109140435910006_949565010_nCrossFit Upcountry: Hana Relay 2012

>> 52 miles of “fun.”

We’ve had three teams in the Hana Relay since 2012, and Frank and I have been running the race annually since 2007. We are proud to have our Mullet Men, the Mutha Cluckas and the Pineapple Clan rep Upcountry over 52 miles of stunning — and very steep — East Maui. Congratulations to everyone participating in this massive event. It’s one of the oldest and most popular on the island, and we enjoy being a part of it. We’re stoked on every runner — some competitive and others noncompetitive — who decided to commit to this fun, and sometimes brutal, trek. Shoutout to Keely (open women); Kyle (open men); and Andrea (masters women) who are slated to conquer the legendary leg 13. We can’t wait to see the crazy photos and hear about the fun costumes. Meet us at the ballpark for overnight camping at a friend’s private property. Best of luck to our Upcountry Strong athletes — we love you!



09 2014