Saturday, May 3 2017

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.”  -Tom Wilson

060317 WOD

A. AMRAP 8:00 with teams of two:

100-meter med ball carry (switch at 50)

20 med ball sit-ups (10/person)

10 partner wall ball tosses over bar

10 med ball passes (partners stand one mat in width apart)

B. Mobility / movement prep

C. For time:

400-meter run

30 burpees

400-meter run

30 pull-ups

400-meter run

30 v-ups

400-meter run

30 med ball cleans (20/14)

>> On-Ramp

For time:

200-meter run

15 burpees

200-meter run

15 ring rows

200-meter run

15 v-ups

200-meter run

15 med ball cleans / air squats