New COVID-19 class schedule; checking into class is mandatory

IMPORTANT COVID-19 CLASS SCHEDULE UPDATE AS OF JUNE 5, 2020 REOPENING AMID COVID-19: We have finalized the class schedule (again) and the final, final schedule is below. Two big changes: We made the late morning class at 9:15 a.m. for those of us who work late or sleep in a little. Also, a NEW morning abbreviated class will be held from 710 to 750, with Kehau participating in the class. This will be structured like the 445 a.m. class time when Michelle trains with the class, but also helps in coaching.


445-545: Coach trains with class

600-700: Group class

710-750: Coach trains with class

800-900: Group class

915-1015: Group class

430-530: Group class

545-645: Group class


710-750: Coach trains with class

800-900: Group class


Closed Sundays for June with possible reopening in July.


We will allow (4) athletes per class hour who have preregistered via Wodify to work out in the separate open gym room. Open gym athletes may not cross over into main room for workout purposes. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday open gym in BOTH the main room and the open gym room with be open 1030A- NOON. On Saturday, it will be 915-11A. During this time (16) athletes via preregistration will be allowed to train in designated spaces.

WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR A CLASS: You will be allowed to reserve your spot 72 HOURS PRIOR TO THE START OF YOUR CLASS OR OPEN GYM TIME. If the class is full, you may sign up on the waitlist. If a spot opens, the first person on the waitlist will automatically receive the spot and will be notified. You will be allowed to check in / sign in to your class 24 hours before your class start time.

GROUP CLASS AND OPEN GYM DEADLINES TO REGISTER: There are no deadlines to register for open gym and group class. Athletes can preregister or take open spots right up until class check in at the beginning of class.

IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP OR FORGET TO CHECK IN ONCE YOU’RE IN CLASS: If you are a no show, a $5 no show fee will be added to your account. This may be appealed before it is charged by contacting Frank or Kehau once you receive the automated Wodify email that you’ve been charged. Coaches will make sure athletes sign into class once they arrive to avoid no-show fees that are an error due to missed sign ins. Please make it a practice to sign in on your way to class or once you step through the doors using the app. Only coaches will use the check-in kiosk to avoid high-touch surfaces.

IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION ONCE YOU HAVE RESERVED YOUR SPOT: There is a late cancellation fee of $5 for cancelling your reservation 8 HOURS PRIOR TO MORNING CLASSES and 4 HOURS PRIOR TO AFTERNOON CLASSES. There is NO CANCELLATION FEE for cancelling your open gym reservation time. But you will be assessed a fee if you are a no show to open gym without prior cancellation. Again, this fee can be appealed and will not be charged automatically. But it will be added to your account and you will receive an automated email.

THE FEES: We have been fortunate to have flexibility in showing up late, to any class, and moving from open gym to group class. Now that attendance creates a safety issue and we have county mandates, we must implement the no show and cancellation fees to ensure rules are followed. Thank you for understanding that the class caps, rules for registering and fees are in the interest of your safety.