Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Testing week is here!

121718 WOD

A. 400-meter run or 500-meter row

B. Back squat – ASSESSMENT

Take 30 minutes to find a 1- or 3-rep max. Warm up using your last weights  from your 5/3/1  last week , then increase by smart increments for singles or triples, resting 2:00 between working sets. Record final successful lift(s).

Please write down your 1Rm for the day on the whiteboard, even if its not a PR.

With these  Wendler gains, we’re excited to see you hit some good numbers!

If you need more time, feel free to opt out of portion C or do your own conditioning when you’re finished lifting. Now get psyched to squat !

C. This week’s metcons will be NOT FOR TIME. The focus this week will be on heavy lifts and recovery.

Three rounds NFT:

7/5 Prison Burpees

10 Front Squats @135/95

*Prison burpee starts from standing then drop down to the TOP of the push-up position before performing three pushups, then stand and jump.*

>>Modifications will be given