Friday, Jan. 11, 2019

Running into the weekend!

011119 WOD

A. Warm-up: Coach’s choice

B. Skill: Bar Muscle-Ups

3 Minute EMOM

10 Kipping Swings

(Scale to Arch to Hollows)

Rest 1 Minute

Followed by…

3 Minute EMOM

Box Bar Muscle-Up x3-5

(Scale to jumping pull-ups)

Rest 1 Minute

Followed by…

Every 30 sec for 3 Minutes

1 Bar Muscle-Up or Banded BMU

(Scale to Pull-Ups + Dip)


15 Minute AMRAP

10 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups

10 DB Front Squats @50’s/35’s

600m Run

*Sub Burpee C2B Pull-Ups for BMU.*

>>Modifications will be given


Lat Smash with Roller x1:00 Per Side